I was so pleased that God directed me to the NICHE convention in Des Moines in mid-May!  Home School families are so enthused about children; it is encouraging and warms the heart.  I was busy at our Adoption Associates booth almost every minute with people either sharing joy at their own adoption, telling me of someone else who did, or asking how they can share in The Adoption Mission themselves.

I came to this event because over the last 30 years I have noticed how many of my adoption parents provide home school for their children, and how successful they are as families.  I guessed that this would be a group that would be curious about how adoption serves the Lord and how they may choose to take part.

And I was right! They stood by to hear about the two young women missionaries I work with in Sierra Leone and Tanzania who want to adopt a child from the nation they are working in and bring that child home to America. They wanted to hear about the mothers who decide to keep their babies and let them go for adoption to a Christian home.  They wanted to hear about the families in the photos who adopted children in addition to the children they had already been blessed with.

I was impressed with the parents stopping by who already had children, but who wanted to talk about adding to their family by adoption – some already had up to eight children!  Thanks for stopping to talk – all of you – and we hope to see you again next year.

I am thankful for having had this opportunity to share The Adoption Mission.

– Bill Pearce