Fertility science has brought us one more way to find the blessing of a child for a family and the blessing of a family for a child – and that way may be through embryo adoption. We are working with Iowa families right now who have chosen this direction for building their own family.

Each year, fertility clinics help thousands of Americans achieve their dream of parenthood.   As part of this medical process, more embryos are formed than can be used by thee families. Many of those that cannot be used are frozen, and remain viable for decades. There are now over a million frozen embryos in the United States, each one of which is a potential child, and thousands of them are available for adoption through fertility clinics, such as the National Embryo Donation Center (NEDC) of Knoxville, Tennessee, with whom Adoption Associates of Iowa has an active working relationship. (National Embryo Adoption Center, 11126 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37934, 866-585-8549,

As more parents who have completed their own fertility process successfully offer to donate embryos for adoption, increasingly they are asking for adoption home studies to assure that the recipients will be good parents for the child they are making possible. NEDC, as most other clinics, requires adoption home studies for embryo adoption, and we provide these home studies for qualifying families. NEDC lays down the same demanding standards for the recipient families just as though the family were adopting a child in any other way.   Adoption Associates of Iowa meets and exceeds those standards – we always want our adoptive placements to succeed.

If you are seeking adoption as a family-building choice, and if it is medically possible for you to benefit from receiving a donated embryo, contact us and NEDC for further information. It’s one more avenue for you to explore.

Embryo adoption brings children into the world, and into good homes where they can have a future.

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